A Quick Guide to the Hazelwood Fencing

Hazelwood fencing is a popular choice for fences in the UK. There are various reasons why Hazelwood fences are popular, and one of the most common reasons is that they’re durable, easy to maintain and very presentable.

Hazel Wood Fencing and Hurdles are a great way to keep your property looking at its best. It's an ideal solution for bringing a part of the traditional English countryside and a natural look into a modern garden. But before you take the plunge and buy one, it’s important to know all that there is to know about this type of fencing.

In this article, we will share with you important topics such as how long a Hazelwood fence lasts, how to extend the lifespan of Hazelwood fencing, how to safely fix it in place, how to cut the fence to size, and much more.

Hazelwood fence sizes

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What's the purpose of the Hazelwood fence?

All of our hazel wood hurdles are made of coppiced hazel and handwoven in a traditional pattern. Our Hazelwood panels are heavy, massive, durable and beautifully made. They can be used as primary fencing for your property, in the backyard, for decoration and more.

What are the features of Hazelwood fences?

Our hurdle panels are very long-lived and weather-resistant. Hazelwood Panels are available in four sizes; 6 by 3 feet, 6 by 4 feet, 6 by 5 feet, and 6 by 6 feet. In our store, we are offering hazel wood fences in two main variants; Hazel Wood Fence Panel Hurdle, and Split Hazel Wood Fence Panel Hurdle. Our panels are made of natural wood, it’s eco-friendly and ethically sourced.

How do I fix panels in place?

Depending on the situation and your needs, the installation of the fence panels may be different. In our guide, we will present the way how to fix in place the fence panels from the ground up.

In our scenario fence will be fixed to the posts and in this case, you will need the following:

  • Hazelwood Fence Panel
  • Galvanized wire or screws
  • A ledge hammer
  • Two fence posts at either end of each fence panel

To fix in place your new Hazelwood fence, you need to get wooden posts. You can select between round posts and square-sawn posts. Next, you will need to install the posts in designated places into the ground. Each post supposes to be placed at each end of the fence panel. While fixing a low fence you can use a hammer for driving the posts into the ground.

The fence panels can be screwed to the posts or fixed with galvanized wire. When using round posts, the wire may be more appropriate. In the case of fixing panels to sawn posts, you can join them together and then fasten them with screws, in which case it may turn out that the washer will help secure the fence.

Split Hazelwood Hurlde

What posts should I get?

We do recommend using rounded or square-sawn posts to fix in place your fence panels. U might wonder what post sizes you should use for each panel size. Because of the fact that posts have to be buried in the ground to provide stable support for your fencing system, you need to get ⅓ longer posts than the height of your panels. 

So, if you want to fix in place 6 by 6 feet panels you should get posts 240 cm high, if you are considering 6 by 5 feet panels you should get posts 200 cm high. In the case of getting panels with dimensions of 6 by 4 feet or 6 by 3 feet, you should get posts 160 cm or 120 cm high respectively.

Can I cut the fence to size?

Yes, you can easily cut your fence in size. Our advice is to reduce the size on high because it won't affect integral parts of the construction. If you need to reduce the high of your fence panel simply cut verticals at the selected height and remove unwanted horizontals. 

When it comes to cutting the hazel fence panels on width the situation is slightly different. Our hazel wood fencing panels are robust but every interference in the structure affects the structure's stability. That's why we do not recommend reducing the width of your hurdles. 

Of course, depending on your DIY skills you can still do it but you have to know that this task is difficult. Just make sure that the panel is not left unwoven or unsecured.

Hazelwood fence panels

How long will the Hazelwood last?

The lifetime of the fences will vary depending on their location, geographic location, site exposure, how they were erected, etc. A fence in a very exposed or humid location may not withstand as long as a fence in a drier place.

Hurdles are expected to last between three and seven years in very wet and windy conditions, and more in sheltered locations in dry parts of the country.

How to prolong the life of the fence

Many of our customers prefer their Hazelwood hurdles to age naturally, but treating them regularly with linseed oil diluted with turpentine or another suitable "ready-made" wood preservative will help prolong their life considerably.

It is worth mentioning that it will also help to put the fence correctly and raise it above ground level to allow airflow.

Alternatively, it is recommended to grow climbers such as clematis or honeysuckle over the fence to help the structure stay together when it starts to deteriorate and eventually turns into a hedge.