Purchasing Display Baskets

When purchasing bespoke display baskets to your store you have to consider all the facts that might impact your end effect, to help you I have gathered together few quick thoughts to consider.

Firstly and most importantly make sure that what you are looking to buy will have appropriate certificates if needed, a lot of small display units especially these imported from far east are harmful because painted with … no one really knows what. When displaying raw food the display surface must be safe, supplier should have food safe certificate handy. We are proud to be trusted UK basket supplier with all necessary certificates.

Think what colour of baskets would you like to have, most common and widely used is natural willow, which will be getting darker with matter of months and years as it`s not treated with chemicals. In recent years grey colour is becoming increasingly popular and a lot of our clients chose it.

Another crucial decision is size, you can fit one large basket into designated space or makeup few smaller baskets if displayed product is small. Getting size right is important and we often recommend getting a sample made before to see if it fits, as you want it. Remember that wicker display baskets are handmade by several craftsmen also thickness of willow itself might very slightly, thus size variation is allowed up to three per cent.